Wilderness Rescue Scenario

Today, Ardmore’s Naturalist Studies program students finished up their 16 hour WFA course with a rescue scenario at Harvest Square Nature Preserve. Priority Medical went all out for this practice exercise, with realistic makeup for the actors and planned equipment failures (such as problems with the short range radios).

The students had no idea that some Ardmore teachers were volunteering as victims in the scenario, so when they found Mrs. Tammy Hilliard and Ms. Elizabeth Hilliard wounded from a lightning strike incident, it was a bit shocking.

The kids had to stay calm and work through complicated logistical issues while tending to the patients and transporting them to safety. They did a fantastic job working as a team. I would feel safe having these students help me in an emergency!

At the end, we went back to the fire station and the students got to experiment with the equipment. They even got a short ride in the fire truck. This was a great learning experience for all involved.

Wilderness First Aid Certification 

Ardmore’s Naturalist Studies program students traveled to Harvest to participate in Prioroty Medical’s Wilderness First Aid course. This 16 hour course combines classroom learning and hands-on practice. Mr. England, my 10 year old son and I all got to be the victims in several of the scenarios and the students took good care of us!