Exploring the Cahaba: Alabama's Living River with Legacy

Chloe Wilson and I attended a Legacy educator workshop this weekend to brush up on our knowledge of benthic macroinvertebrates and to scope out the location for our naturalist program.

It was a treat to see the rare Cahaba lillies in bloom. You can see them only in certain locations in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, as they require swift current and direct sunlight.

We had an amazing biomonitoring workshop with Mona Dominguez from Alabama Water Watch. We found more variety of macroinvertebrates than we have ever seen before!

We also saw some other creatures. Look at this moth! It looks more like a piece of candy than an insect.

Check out this mama wolf spider.

We also learned some interesting tricks for helping students remember how to identify poison ivy.

We are looking forward to sharing what we have learned with the students in our naturalist program this year.


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